Osho Tarot Sessions


Let me invite you for a journey to the center of your beeing. 

The Osho Zen Tarot cards have this power.

Through their magic images you may get insights about your life situations.

Our inner state is like a house with many doors:

Pulling a card is like entering one of these doors, it does not matter, which one, once you are in, things become more clear, the vision expand and the understanding also. 

The fog disappears and the questions get an answer.


I offer tarot one hour sessions or mini sessions 1/2 hour in english or italian language.

Price: 30,00 Euro or 60,00 Euro

You can bring your own questions or ask for support in bringing clarity in what happens now in your life.

If you are interested just contact me by email: anandjayen@posteo.de or by phone: 0175 5855566

Learning Love in Berlin

Jayen Manzoni

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