Learning Love

A Journey of Growth through Relationships




Introduction to the work

The experience of a deep relationship is one of the most precious and beautiful in life. We, however, are not born knowing how to love: it is an art, that we have to learn.


Often our efforts to find and keep love and friendship resolves in a conflict, into disappointment and frustration: we repeat continuesly the same painful patterns. The problem comes from the wounds that we carry inside, and this, if not resolved, can contaminate or sabotage our relationships, condemning us to dependency or isolation. This work faces the obstacles that prevent us from living fully our potential, and we will explore the roots of co-dependency: the wounds left in us by traumas and shame and the fears of separation and abandonmnent.


With the help of guided meditations and exercises of sharing, specifically conceived for this process, we will explore the nature of this side of the Self, so delicate and hidden, giving each one the possibility to connect to it in its own way and its own time. All this will strengthen us and allow us to learn the language of intimacy.


To learn and understand, to accept and transform our wounds and rediscovering in this way our essence – our natural vitality, joy, loving side and silence – it is the way, that leads us to grow and to create healthy and mature relationships.


If you want to read more about the Learning Love work: we have an article - in german -  in the new SEIN Magazin.

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Termin: Mittwoch, 04.November 2020

Zeit: 19.00 bis 21.00 Uhr

Ort: Rue Joseph le Brix 9, 13405 Berlin


Please connect with us for registration



Corona Precautions during seminars:


- taking fever every day before entering the seminar room

- inside the room everybody can decide if to wear a mask or not

- we have to keep 1,5 m distance from each other also when we sit or stand or dance

- our room is very big and high with big windows on the two opposite sides, in breaks we do air freshment

- we will reduce the numbers of particpants - if needed - in order that we can respect the rules

- during lunch break we will organize in a way, that we can keep 1,5 m distance from each other






An online workshop with Tabish and Manuja

to be updated later


We feel, that it is important in this particular and intense moment to offer a space, that can support us to face the difficulties in changing our lifestyle because of the virus's emergency, as well going deeper in ourselves.

So we are happy to announce an online workshop specifically designed for this situation. In this weekend we will explore inner challanges that can arise when we cannot meet each other or travel freely.

We will practise specific exersizes and meditations for grounding in our inner strength and resources, waking up the sence of connection with ourselves and with others, even if far away.


The group will take place on zoom in the weekend of the 9th and 10th of May

from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm and from 2.30 to 5.00 pm European Time


The cost of the seminar is 140,00 Euro.


For booking and information: 

Tabish: tabishalok@gmail.com

Manjula: manjula.atmo@gmail.com









Weekendseminar in Berlin - to be updated later.

 with Jayen und Alvina

in english mit deutscher Übersetzung


This weekend is focused on how to be aware and present, when we relate with our partner or our most intimate friends. We will observe what is happening inside us, when we are in a relationship.

We will find out, if we focus on the other person and we forget about ourselves or if we are totally focused on ourselves and we do not allow the other person to come close. 

Are we using strategies or are we playing power games? Why are we always following the same painful path unable to flow in harmony and love? During these two days we will work on our fears of being rejected or under pressure. 

We will see, that those fears are the origin of our relationship problems.

We will make the first steps to learn how to handle difficult moments and to transform conflicts and disappointments into an opportunity to grow in trust and love.





Alvina and Jayen made inner growth and meditation the priority in their life.

They also are in long-time relationship.

Now as Learning Love therapists they like to share with others,

how precious is this work in learning to relate with ourself and with others.




To be updated later.

10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Price: 130,00 Euro 




The event and the seminars will happen in a beautiful, ecologically built seminarroom in Berlin Tegel


Rue Joseph le Brix 4

D-13405 Berlin-Tegel

U-Bahn U 6 - Otisstrasse





 During the lunchbreak we organize catering service or.

If you prefer, you bring your own food. Tea and coffee is free.



Information for booking and location map you find on the bottom of this page. 







Weekendseminar in Berlin - to be updated later.


geleitet von Tabish in englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung



Maybe you heard, to have love you have first to learn, to love yourself. But was does that mean, and - first of all - how to do that? In this seminar we will explore two of the more powerful tools to learn to love ourselves and having healthy relationships: needs and bounderies. To explore our needs, taking care of them and sharing them in a proper way allow us to develop more awareness of our most sensitive side. This will not only help us to heal old wounds but also allow us to look at ourselves and relate with others in a more human and compassionate way. Moreover, recognizing our limitations and learning to set healthy bounderies is a practice which is making us stronger and allow us, to reown our dignity and our personal power. Through the work on needs and bounderies we can develop more awareness, learn to love and respect ourselves and also creating intimate and mature relationships.




To be updated later


10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Price: 220,00 Euro 




The seminar will happen in a beautiful, ecologically built seminarroom in Berlin Tegel.


Rue Joseph le Brix 4

D-13405 Berlin-Tegel

U-Bahn U 6 - Otisstrasse







Weekendseminar in Berlin in October 2020 !!


geleitet von Tabish in englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung


One of the main wounds present in most of us is a deep feeling of unworthiness, not being adequate and guilt. We can feel this wound in different aspects of our life ( in creativity, sexuality, in our physical aspect or in our sensitivity). Very often it is also a general feeling not to be adequate and that something is wrong in us. This wound is called shame. Usually we try to run away from our shame, ignoring it. We hide the depth of our insecurity to ourself and to others and we look for compensations. We put ourselves under pressure, we wear masks or look for situations, where we can feel ok. But by covering up our shame we cannot grow in intimacy with ourselves and with others. Or we can break down with insecurity and a feeling of failure. Our unsolved shame make us deeply mistrustful. We see the world like an hostile place, where in order to survive we have to fight and compete. It is possible to heal the wound of shame by choosing to explore it. And it is possible to learn to start trusting ourselves, trusting our feelings, thoughts, needs and our intuition. Then our shame becomes a door of access to our maturity, our strength and compassion. This group is a journey to learn to love ourselves and to understand, that exploring shame will give us depth and bring many benefits. We will also learn specific tools, that we can use, when shame and guilt appear in our life.



Friday 02.Oct. 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Saturday 03.Oct. 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Sunday 04. Oct. 10.00 to 6.00 pm


Price: 220,00 Euro 



The seminar will happen in a beautiful, ecologically built seminarroom in Berlin Tegel.


Rue Joseph le Brix 4 a

D-13405 Berlin-Tegel

U-Bahn U 6 - Otisstrasse







Weekendseminar in Berlin 21. / 22. November 2020


run by Tabish in englisch with full german translation


The theme of trust is an important and essential aspect both in the relationship, both in the attitude that we engage living our daily life.

Being trustful or wary, with all that follows, is not accidental.

We will dedicate this weekend to understand with more clarity what moves two moods so different and powerful at the same time.

We will explore the wound of mistrust, to begin to bring relief to that part of ourself, closed and distrustful, which is there indicating though a suffering, often hidden, of which it is good to tace care of.

The seminar will be then addressed in a particular way towards the necessary elements to create trust.

Yes, because trust is something to build, knowing the ingredients.


We will therefore see, the specific steps, which are necessary to accomplish, to grow or to restore, the mutual trust, inside our relationships and mostly, above all, being confident in ourselves and trustful towards life.



Saturday 21. Nov. 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Sunday 22. Nov. 10.00 to 6.00 pm


Price: 180,00 Euro 



The seminar will happen in a beautiful, ecologically built seminarroom in Berlin Tegel.


Rue Joseph le Brix 4 a

D-13405 Berlin-Tegel

U-Bahn U 6 - Otisstrasse






Tabish is a therapist trained in Codependency work, Primal (childhood deconditioning), Trauma healing (Somatic Experiencing) and Hara Awareness.


He share his experience of growth and meditation by offering seminars and sessions in different countries.


Since 1997 he works with Krishnananda and Amana becoming a Learning Love Institute teacher.

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The seminars will happen in a beautiful, ecologically built seminarroom in Berlin Tegel


Rue Joseph le Brix 4

D-13405 Berlin-Tegel

U-Bahn U 6 - Otisstrasse




Information And booking


Jayen Manzoni

Jayen is a Learning Love Therapist. He lives in Berlin and organizes groups and events of Learning Love. He also offers sessions of Learning Love to singles and couples.


Telefon: 030-41700424

Mobile:  0175-5855566

email:   out-of-india@t-online.de  


For the booking please write an email with your name and age and what is your mother language.

If you have any special requirement, feel free to connect with me.