Learning Love

A Journey of Growth through Relationships

7 workshops in Berlin in 2018 / 2019 with Tabish with german translation


Every workshop is complete in itself and can be booked seperatly.


Introduction to the work

The experience of a deep relationship is one of the most precious and beautiful in life. We, however, are not born knowing how to love: it is an art, that we have to learn.


Often our efforts to find and keep love and friendship resolves in a conflict, into disappointment and frustration: we repeat continuesly the same painful patterns. The problem comes from the wounds that we carry inside, and this, if not resolved, can contaminate or sabotage our relationships, condemning us to dependency or isolation. This work faces the obstacles that prevent us from living fully our potential, and we will explore the roots of co-dependency: the wounds left in us by traumas and shame and the fears of separation and abandonmnent.


With the help of guided meditations and exercises of sharing, specifically conceived for this process, we will explore the nature of this side of the Self, so delicate and hidden, giving each one the possibility to connect to it in its own way and its own time. All this will strengthen us and allow us to learn the language of intimacy.


To learn and understand, to accept and transform our wounds and rediscovering in this way our essence – our natural vitality, joy, loving side and silence – it is the way, that leads us to grow and to create healthy and mature relationships.

The process is structured in seven weekends and we will deepen a specific topic of the process at each meeting.


In particular these will be the seven subjects, that we work with in the different seminars:


Protection and Vulnerability 24.-25. February 2018
The power of needs 07.-08. April 2018
Insecurity and Shame 30. June – 01. July 2018
Fear and shock 06.-07. Octobre 2018
Boundaries and healthy limits 01.-02. Decembre 2018
Loneliness and abandonment 23.-24. February 2019
Trust and mistrust 30.-31. March 2019


Tabish is a therapist trained in Codependency work, Primal (childhood deconditioning), Trauma healing (Somatic Experiencing) and Hara Awareness.


He share his experience of growth and meditation by offering seminars and sessions in different countries.


Since 1997 he works with Krishnananda and Amana becoming a Learning Love Institute teacher.




It is common in life, to exerience loneliness.

It can happen, when we are actually alone because of a separation, death of somebody close to us or just because we find ourself isolated or rejected from our friends or working collegs. It could also be, that we choose to isolate from others or it can happen, that we feel distant and not enough connection even with our most close friends, lovers, family-members.


Sometimes we experience these moments as an opportunity to come back to ourself, to reconnect with our essence and taking time to heal our wounds.

Some other time we can be in difficulty, overwhelmed from anger, fear, sadness and lack of power.


All these feelings are often assosiated to being alone or feeling loneliness.


During the weekend we will bring awareness to this deep human experience in order to catch the value and the spiritual richness of it.


Through guided meditations and structured sharings without any pressure we will learn to find again connection with ourselves.


We will become aware, that connecting again with our vitality and our heart and our essence brings inner fulfillment and connection with existence.


Only when we are finally in peace with ourselves, we can realize, that we are not separated from life, we are not alone.




Date & Time

Saturday / Sunday 23. / 24. February 

10.00 am to 6.00 pm



Each Weekend-Seminar: 180,00 Euro



The seminars will happen in a beautiful, ecologically built seminarroom in Berlin Tegel


Rue Joseph le Brix 4

D-13405 Berlin-Tegel

U-Bahn U 6 - Otisstrasse


Info-Evening (...free and open for all!)



In each of the Learning Love weekends, one topic will be explored deeper. 

We want to introduce them shortly. 

All questions to all the topics and to how Learning Love works are welcome!


Every seminar of Learning Love is complete in itself and can be booked seperatly.



No Info-Evening for this group, but feel very much free to connect with us.

You can even come for a short, personal Info-Talk.



Entrance: free



The location of the Info-Evening is just next door to the location of the Weekend-Seminar


Rue Joseph le Brix 9

13405 Berlin-Tegel

U-Bahn: U 6 - Otisstrasse


Information und Anmeldung


Jayen Manzoni

Jayen is a Learning Love Therapist. He lives in Berlin and organizes groups and events of Learning Love. He also offers sessions of Learning Love to singles and couples.


Telefon: 030-41700424

Mobile:  0175-5855566

e-mail:   out-of-india@t-online.de