Meditation Day

Hello Friends,

as soon as we will be allowed from Covid limitations to gather again in person,

Alvina and Jayen will start again offering a Osho Meditation Day - this time regularly every month.

I still remember our last session it was such a refreshment of our energies and coming together from the heart.




  • - 10:00 am: dancing and introduction round and take a tarot card for the day
  • - 11:00 am: first meditation
  • - 12:15 am:  teabreak
  • - 12:30 am: 2nd meditation
  • - 01:45 pm: lunchbreak



  • - 03:00 pm: Nadabrahma 
  • - 04:10 pm: Sharing round and tarot counceling
  • -05:30 pm: ending with open heart


Evening (optional)

  • - 06:30 pm: evening meditation on request 

At the current situation with Covid we can not tell when we will be together again.


We would appreciate your feedback and if you're interestet to join us in the near future.